Best Clear Coats for Metal 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Clear Coats for Metal 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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EVERBRITE Clear Coating


Best Clear Coat for Metal


EVERBRITE is a durable clear coat. It restores and protects your metal against rusting and harsh conditions. It’s easy to apply and can be used both indoors/outdoors.

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Any type of metal is prone to rust, corrosion, or tarnishing so it is important to protect the surface to extend its life.

Using a clear coat on a metal surface is a great way to make metal products last longer and look better, plus, many options prevent fading and oxidizing as well as damage from UV rays.

Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best clear coat for metals and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Best Clear Coats for Metal in June, 2021

1. EVERBRITE Clear Coating – Best for Restoring Surfaces

With the ability to protect and restore approximately 250 square feet of metal per quart, Everbrite Protective coating is a clear protective coating that is durable and tough.

It can restore the luster and color of metals that have faded as well as protect metals from oxidizing, chalking, fading, corroding, rusting, tarnishing, and from UV rays. Everbrite is a great choice for both painted and unpainted metals.

Everbrite can restore oxidized surfaces that have faded making them look new again. It is a great choice for metal buildings, copper roofs, copper gutters, equipment, tractors, anodized aluminum, metals roofs, doors, and metal siding.

It also gives you long-term protection from fading, tarnishing, rusting, oxidation, and corrosion, plus it stores well in a sealed container so you can use it later for touchups or other projects.

This is an easy to apply product that is self-leveling and easily recoats on both interior and exterior metals.

Apply to clean surfaces with a lint-free cloth, paint sprayer, natural brush, applicator pad, or sponge brush. Everbrite will not yellow, peel, crack, or chip and also protects metals from mildew, bleach, acid rain, chlorine, saltwater, and UV rays.

  • Easy to use product
  • Makes things look brand new again
  • Very versatile, works on many products
  • A bit expensive

2. KBS Coatings DiamondFinish – Decent Clear Finish

When you need a tough clear coat that can be applied directly onto metal, check out KBS DiamondFinish.

Not only does it work on metals, but it also works on painted surfaces. This is a water high gloss product that stays flexible permanently.

KBS DiamondFinish works well in harsh environments without peeling, cracking, or yellowing.
It has a single part formula that is harder and tougher than two part coats.

This is a self-leveling product that doesn’t need additives and seals both metals and paints.
  • Gives you a nice shiny and beautiful finish
  • Easy to use giving you a nice coating
  • If you take your time, it can look like the original paint
  • Doesn’t have a very long shelf life
  • Hard to get a smooth application

3. ProtectaClear Coating – Great Protection Option

Covering up to 250 square feet of metal per quart, ProtectaClear coating is a great solution to protect sinks, grills, door handles, aluminum, stainless steel, jewelry, brass, and copper.

Creating an impermeable finish, this product gives you great protection from damage caused by bleach, mildew, pollution, acid rain, salt air, salt water, and corrosion.

It actually helps to reduce the amount of time you take cleaning and maintaining metal products. This fast drying and self-leveling coat keeps any metal looking like it was just polished.

ProtectaClear is durable and tough as well as almost invisible protecting metal from fingerprints, rust, oxidation, corrosion, and tarnish. It has incredible resistance to chlorines and salts making it a great choice for metal in your pool area or even in an ocean environment.
  • Easy to use, great quality product
  • Takes great care of jewelry
  • Works well on copper
  • The application process can be time-consuming

4. Spraymax 2K – Top Application Clear Coat

Offering a two-part Urethan Aerosol Coat, SprayMax offers a higher weather and U.V. resistance than its competitors.

Unlike typical aerosol paint technology, Spray Max features innovative nozzle technology along with new propellant technology. It not only gives you a higher yield but also a faster spray time while covering a wider area with a more even spray pattern.

With Spray Max 2K Urethane Coat, you get professional paint results without having to mix paint or clean out a spray gun. You don’t have to worry about overspray, solvents for cleaning, or a compressor.

It is easy to apply giving you a high gloss finish once it is dry and is a great choice to use over any basecoat.
  • Sprays evenly on surfaces
  • Has a high gloss finish
  • Easy to use product
  • Hard to set up
  • Have to sand down a lot of orange peel to get the surface you want
  • You’ll need a respirator to apply it

5. Krylon COVERMAXX Spray Paint – Great Application Spray

Providing durable adhesion and rust protection, Krylon COVERMAXX Spray Paint gives you superior color and premium coverage. Featuring an easy to push spray tip, this clear coat dries in ten minutes or less.

This is a paint and primer in one that can be used on ceramic, glass, plastic, wicker, metal, and wood. Available in several trendy colors, Krylon COLORmaxx spray paint gives you brilliant color with a wide range of sheens.

You get a smooth application with the bonus of rust protection. With the large button tip, you can easily spray from any angle for quick coverage.

This is a great product that is fade resistant and preserves any of your outdoor and indoor projects.
  • Product gives really good coverage
  • Quick and easy shine
  • Great variety of colors to choose from
  • Colors don’t come out to what is on the cap color
  • Has more of a matte instead of a metallic finish

6. POR-15 Clear Rust Preventive Coating – Ultimate Rust Prevention Clear Coat

Por-15 is super-efficient thanks to its revolutionary breakthrough formula. Not all rust prevention coating will allow you to simply coat even when rust is present. The special formula simply stops rust on its tracks through its 3 steps ‘stop rust system’.

If your metal is exposed to sunlight you need to use top coating since this formula is sensitive to UV light.  Areas not exposed to sunlight do not require top coating.  The POR -15 Top Coat paint is sold separately. You need to use Top Coat coating to help preserve substrates prone to corrosion.

Direct Application

POR-15 can be applied directly to rusty metal surfaces.  This rust prevention coating protects metal from corrosion.  Sufficient coating means less exposure to moisture.  POR-15 is specially designed to be applied directly on prepped rusted and sandblasted metal surfaces.

Impenetrable Finish

The non-porous finish protects your metal from chips, cracks, or peeling.  The high-performance coating formula prevents chemicals, salts, and other corrosive contaminants from damaging metal surfaces.

Whether your metal has some rusts or its bare, you can take advantage of the advanced formula for POR 15. Most users will notice an almost perfect permanent protection against rust and corrosion. This rust preventive coat is durable against acids and alkalis.

3-Step Rust Preventive System

POR-15 has its easy to follow 3-step guide on how to apply the formula the right way.  You need to use Cleaner Degreaser. This solution is water-based and non-flammable. You do not have to hold your breath while using this cleaner since it does not emit obnoxious odors commonly associated with degreasing chemicals.

The cleaner also works for other materials like plastic, wood, fiberglass, or painted surfaces. When I refer to painted surfaces; these can be engines, fuel tanks, air conditioning, boiler tubes, compressor lines, heat exchangers, coils, and even on transformers.

After cleaning your metal surface, use the metal prep. The metal prep formula is a good base to allow POR-15 rust preventive coating to cover all areas with rust. The final step is to use the Main rust preventive coating system.

  • 3 Step Rust Preventive System
  • For professional use
  • Convenient to use
  • Seals rust longer
  • Specially made for metal substrates
  • Lead-free
  • Dries fast
  • Keeps off fuels and oils
  • Time saver
  • Self-leveling
  • Top coating complies with OSHA color requirements
  • Respirator required during sprays
  • Sensitive to UV light
  • Topcoat paint is sold separately
  • Caution and protective equipment required when using it

7. Dupli-Color General Purpose Acrylic Crystal Clear – Fix-All Clear Coat

Dupli-Color Scratch offers to fix all touch-up features through its abrasive prep tip color paint match. After all, Dupli-Color is one of the brands tested and approved by vehicle manufacturers to restore your car to its factory finish appearance in your garage.

Dupli-Color offers you an easy to use and convenient solution for scratches and chips without leaving your garage or backyard. However, test it on the old paint surface before you use it on a bigger surface. Dupli-Color works not just for automotive alone. You can use this for other projects made of glass, ceramic tiles, and wood.

Works on Restoration Projects

You can use this to restore headlights, however, you must use 600 grit then move on to 1500 grit using wet sanding. Allow it to dry before you apply the clear coat. Feedback coming from those who have tried this on headlights also suggests adding the recommended number of layers then buff for a better shine.

A can of spray will cover about 12 to 14 square feet. Take note that a single spray application is not enough. You need to spray again.  Remember that Rust Bullet is not painting but a coating solution. To hurry up the drying process, you must apply this in light coats.

Other Applications

Dupli-Color works great for utility trailer projects too. You need to apply regular paint first and use Dupli-Color as an extra measure for extra-protection. Trailer paint jobs are known to fade fast, however, if you use this product to coat it, your paint job will last longer. Never use this for motorcycle gas tanks since gasoline can immediately ruin the clear coat.

When you use Dupli-Color on tile and canvas materials for sealing paintings tiles, these stick together after the curing process. Applying the coating solution will protect the paint from sloughing off.  Dupli-Color works well if you are thinking of painting coasters. This product seals tile coasters while making them look shiny.

  • Paint and primer in one
  • Color tested and approved by vehicle manufacturers
  • Restores color to original factory finish
  • Extreme protection from rust
  • Suitable for automotive and home projects
  • Ideal for metal, wood, and fiberglass
  • For touch-ups
  • Comes with abrasive prep tip
  • Easy to use
  • Dries fast
  • No prepping and sanding required
  • A brand famous for developing automotive accessories
  • Works better on non-slick surfaces
  • Not for motorcycle gas tanks
  • Matches well for arts and crafts
  • Not water base

8. Rust Bullet Clear Shot Clear Protective Coating – UV Resistant Clear Coat

Rust Bullet gives your metal that protective coating making it is clear as glass. Rust Bullet coating works best to protect rusty metal surfaces and even other types of material.  The coating formula works to protect car hoods and other stuff that you have; making it last longer.

Rust Bullet is highly versatile in the sense that even if it is for metals you can also use it for other purposes. Work on your cars, boats, floors, and a lot more. It would not hurt to experiment. Do not forget to follow the container instructions for safety.

Car Restoration Made Easy

The material use on Rust Bullet is easy to use when applied properly.  You need to apply at least two coats to secure that your car hood is well-protected.  The dura grade formula makes it rock solid. Rusty hoods will harden, however; your hood might need some minor bodywork. Once the coat hardens you might need some chrome parts that the hood can fasten into.

Rust Bullet offers excellent coating after you remove the loose undercoating from your car frame, interiors, fender, undersides, and floor surfaces. Clear shot cures and prevents rust. You can also use this product on your gasoline tank repairs to make it withstand elements and fuel. All you need is a brush or roller since the coating will stick to the metal surface.

Metal Projects

Do not throw away old steel chairs. Once you start your project and coat your steel chairs with Rust Bullet it is protected against rust. Those who used this topcoat for their project shares how their steel chairs remain rust-free outdoors.

You will be surprised that even if you work with your boats or trailers in a high-humidity environment the coating will still work in preventing rust. Don’t forget to store Rust Bullet properly because it tends to harden in the can. The lid will seal shut tight.

Rehab for Garage Floors

You can use Rust Bullet to prep and finish your garage floors.  You might need about four thin coats to do the job. The coating gives fresh life to older concrete. This product will surely improve how your garage floor appears. It would not hurt to transform your old floors into tough as nails surface.

  • Easy to use
  • Clear gloss protective coating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Single component no mixture needed
  • Dries fast
  • Available in different sizes (from 1 pint to 1 gallon)
  • Works best with the spray gun
  • Runs on non-horizontal surface
  • Evaporates quickly in unsealed cans
  • Foamy mess if not handled properly

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Clear Coat?

A transparent layer of paint, a clear coat is applied over colored paint. Basically, it is a resin or paint that is colorless. It can make the metal object you are painting shiny making it look brand new again as well as protecting the paint so it will retain that look for a long time.

Other benefits of using it include adding depth to the color and protecting metal objects from UV ray light and the sun that can damage paint or make it fade. It can also help to protect the paint from being damaged by bird droppings, dirt, and rain which can be cleaned and quickly buffed out.

Types of Clear Coats

There are a lot of clear coat options on the market so it is important to know the difference so you can find the best one for your needs:

  • Topcoat – Intended to be the last layer applied to paint, it can be very effective and easy to use giving the paint depth
  • Turbo Coat – This is a fast drying clear coat that gives metal a glossy look.
  • Glamour Coat – A slower drying clear coat, it allows more leveling and is less sensitive to moisture.
  • Higher Solids Coat – Containing more additives, higher solids clear coat has a thicker film after the solvent has evaporated. With its thicker consistency, higher solids clear coats tend to dry slowly and are more expensive than other types.
  • Euro Coats – Euro clear coats dry faster with heat but work just as well as the other types.

Important Facts to Consider

  • Transparency – This is the most important consideration when choosing a clear coat. If you are interested in making the metal you are painting look new again, make sure to purchase a product that does not cover your base paint.
  • Gloss Level – Also important to keep in mind, the gloss level should be more than 90 units so the metal you are painting will look shiny as just as good as a new one.
  • Ease of Application – Since you are only adding another coat, it should not be difficult to apply. Choose an option with a nozzle that lets you spray on the metal’s surface evenly. This will guarantee that you won’t have any blotches on the surface and only a smooth glossy finish.
  • Scratch Resistance – Metal can be vulnerable to scratches so applying another coat will guarantee an additional layer of protection to its surface. Look for a product that has scratch resistance and has UV protection for the most defense against the sun.

Applying Coat

  1. Clean the Surface. Wipe away any paint particles or dust with a damp cloth from the metal’s surface. The surface needs to be cleaned correctly to make sure the clear coat adheres properly and won’t easily peel off.
  2. Apply Clear Coat. Using a paint sprayer or brush, evenly apply the first layer of clear coat. Once it is completely dry, apply a second one which will add another layer of protection helping to keep the coating last longer on the metal. Make sure to wait between 36 and 48 hours before you use your metal object and leave the object in a place where you won’t have to move it to prevent any accidental damage to the finished surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clear coat over bare metal?

You can use a clear coat on metal if you put more than just a few coats and make sure that there are no dry or thin spots. Using a high-end clear coat metal product will do the trick. The clear coat will also last longer if you use a product made by a reputable manufacturer with a good track record. If you do this you will see no signs of deterioration even after a year.

If in case you are using the clear coat to address bad flaking like those on car hoods, strip the paint off the hood down to the bare metal, metal condition it, and clean using a scuff pad until it looks like a well-brushed aluminum. After that you can apply the clear coat.

Having a good clear coat will weather the elements especially if you are using this for cars or stuff that you use outside the house. If you are thinking of using this on bicycles look at the type of bicycle that you own. Several bicycle companies produce bicycles that will hold up when you use a clear coat over steel but, as previously mentioned it does not work for some bicycles.

Does a clear coat prevent rust?

Clear coat protects metal against rusting when you apply at least two coats for good measure.  Coating will prevent stains from dripping on the surfaces. Rusted metal is generally porous, check if the metal is completely clean and dry before you use a clear coat. If you want steel to last longer, use primer and paint before you apply a clear coat.

Moisture causes metal corrosion. A good clear coat will extend the life of the metal by sealing out moisture.  When it comes to clear coat choose those in liquid form because powder coats tend to cause spots and flakes to form over rust. Check if the clear coats can withstand UV rays. Some formulas break down quickly and look like peeled skin when exposed to the sun beams.

How long does a clear coat last?

Clear coat will wear off over time because of dirt and debris. Take extra care to gently remove the dirt buildup because this can cause scratches to appear when you apply a clear coat.

The longevity of the clear coat depends on several factors like the type of product, condition of car paint, weather conditions, etc. Washing your car once a week and wax it once a month using quality products will make the clear coat last longer.

If you are using a clear coat on other projects generally it will last for a year with proper maintenance. This leaves the metal with that “wet look” shine.  Car and metal items will last longer if you store it in places not exposed to moisture and weather elements.  Temperature and humidity will affect the longevity of your clear coat.

How many coats of clear coat should I apply?

It is a good idea to use at least 2 to 3 clear coats to protect your metal from rust. If you are planning on using multiple coats it is a good idea to apply the first coat lightly. Doing this will prevent the metal from shrinking. Shrinkage causes cracks. You can go heavy when applying the succeeding clear coats after the first one.

Wait for the first layer to dry completely before you apply the second coat. Make sure that you spray or use the clear coat slowly and carefully to avoid drips and imperfections. Keep in mind that applying coats increases the thickness of the paint coat.

Should I sand between coats of clear coat?

Sanding is advisable because this helps diminish the clear coat until the surface is smooth. Polishing will help in smoothing out the scratches made by sandpaper. Sanding is a time-consuming process. Have enough time to start on your sanding project.

To smooth surfaces and remove small imperfections choose 80 to 120 grit sandpaper. However, if you are using this for finishing surfaces smoothly, use superfine sandpaper with 360 to 600 grit.


It may be a bit confusing choosing the best clear coat for your project, but once you know what to look for, you should easily be able to pick out the best product for what you have planned. Remember, you want good scratch and fade resistance as well as a good amount of transparency for any metal you are working on. Easy application and good protection from chemicals and UV rays are also great features to look for, so make sure to do your research before you head out to the stores.

33 thoughts on “Best Clear Coats for Metal 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I am trying to see what to use together for a restoration project ( metal drink cooler ) .want a nice deep finish . Will any base coat work with a clear coat.

    • Hi Donald,

      Yes, you can apply topcoat/paint over the clear coat. But do you really need a clear coat in that case? Why not skip it and go right for topcoat?

  2. What would you recommend to clear coat heat treated metal sheets (blueish and brownish streaks), that we have just used around our propane fireplace? We like the colour variations and would prefer to keep that. Also, can you recommend what to use to take fingerprints off of it prior to clear coating? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Emily,

      I recommend Everbrite, also other options on the list may be used to, but Everbrite is my favorite. There are many methods to remove fingerprints, try: washing with soap water, vinegar or soda water.

  3. The one huge aspect that was not addressed in this article concerns, finish failure. All of these products will eventually fail and when they do, the object will look terrible. Removing these clear coatings is very time consuming and in my situation, a daunting task of removing brass fittings from my sailboat (it would be almost impossible to strip the coating from brass cleats, fairleads, port holes and winches where the brass often times is mounted on finished mahogany).
    Some other products that should be considered are waxes, of which there are a ton of varieties. Were not talking Dad’s old Turtle wax here but rather advanced chemistry that incorporates nano silicates as well as some old standbys like carnuba wax. Granted, these lower-solids coatings may not protect quite as long but they will tarnish evenly and maintenance means the comparatively easy task of removing slight oxidation with a polish and re-waxing.
    Mother Nature likes to have things her way and fighting her is seldom an easy task. There are trade offs to either route one chooses for metal protection, it just depends. My .02 anyway.

    • Hi Hal,

      Thanks for your comprehensive comment. There are several kinds of finishes/topcoats, each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

    • Hi Hal,

      Actually with Everbrite and Protectaclear you do not have to remove the coating, they self-anneal, so you can reapply at any time and it will blend with the first coat. They are meant to last for several years, so if you re-apply every 3-4 years on your boat, you can maintain the look indefinitely.

  4. Hi Michael, nice to e-meet you! Great article and really educational for a total beginner.

    I’m just about to take on a project restoring two steel chained chandeliers that have rusted, it’s going to be a long old process removing, cleaning and then re-applying all the chains and I would value your opinion on what products to use. I only fancy doing this once!

    Currently I’ve purchased some Jenolite rust remover and I’m just browsing for a clear top coat, after reading your guide I’m leaning towards purchasing the ProtectaClear Coating? I’m just concerned as the chains are quite fine it will be difficult to apply?

    Any help would be greatly received and a big thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi Kayleigh,

      Yes, ProtectaClear would be fine. I think it would be better to apply it using some spray-gun. Or you can choose some spray clear coat instead.

  5. I have used partially rusted metal roofing as accents for my new porch walls and underskirting. What can I use to protect the metal from further rusting, but keep the rustic look?

    • Hi Wayne,

      I recommend KBS Coatings DiamondFinish since it doesn’t restore metal like Everbrite. It should create a top coat over the metal without removing rust. I recommend applying a little bit of this finish to see how it will work for you.

  6. Hello,
    I have a pure brushed aluminium metal with black acrylic outlining it, I want to keep the brushed finish, I dont want to loose its shine and also keep the colour both the aluminium and black paint.

    This will be going on a badge for a motorcycle, durability and clarity is a must.
    No price limitation, I need this to be perfect.
    Any recommendations?

    Kind regards,

    • Well, your pure aluminum badge is already going to be dulled because that always happens with aluminum. You see, aluminum does not occur by itself in nature, as it is too reactive. It is normally part of an ore called bauxite, but pure aluminum is extracted from that. As soon as that happens, it begins forming an oxide layer on its surface. Unlike the oxides that form on iron, aluminum oxides are almost the same color as the base metal (just a little less shiny). Also, aluminum oxide doesn’t eat away the metal like iron oxides are known to do.

      I would recommend that you take a buffer to that aluminum so that it can shine like a new piece of metal. Then, you will need to quickly apply the clear coat before any oxide can begin to form. It is up to you if you wish to clear coat the acrylic lining, but you will obviously need to tape it off if you don’t want it coated. If you are looking for a specific recommendation, option #7 (the Dupli-Color) should fit your project nicely.

  7. Thank you for your extensive information. We have purchased a new metal table. It is in a covered patio so I am not concerned about rust and exposure. I am concerned about scratches that seem to regularly occur. What is the best thing to use as a preventative for scratches on a metal table? Thank you!

    • Scratching is indeed one of the main reasons to use a clear coat on metal, even in cases like yours where rust is not a major concern. However, you should be aware that uncoated metals are very susceptible to humidity, so they don’t necessarily have to come into direct contact with the rain.

      I would recommend that you choose a water-based clear coat for this job, as they tend to dry harder and stronger than most others. Because you are dealing with a high-impact item here, you want to use 3-5 coats. Make sure you wait long enough between each layer, or else moisture will get trapped between the layers. This eventually creates a “cloudy” appearance that you probably do not want.

  8. We just bought a outdoor sectional. The base is Brown metal. We live in FL with much rain, humidity and sun. What would be the best application to prevent rust? Is there any product that will not make it look shiny?

    • Hi Beth,

      Congratulations on getting a great piece of outdoor furniture. When you say the base is brown metal, we aren’t sure if you mean that it’s rusty or that it’s painted brown. Either way, a clear coat can still be used to protect it from the weather. Of course, you should be aware that your couch may not require this step. That brown color might be caused by an enamel coating, which is very resistant to moisture. Even if this is the case, you might want to clear coat the enamel to make sure it does not peel and flake away. As for your desire to keep it non-shiny, just avoid any glossy finishes, and you should be good.

    • Hi Heidi,

      Of the products listed here, Krylon Maxx seems like it would be the best fit for you. What you need is high-quality indoor/outdoor paint, especially since you will be putting books into that box. We would also recommend using rubber seals on the doors to keep out the rain.

  9. Hi,
    Can you please tell me what you would recommend for protecting painted and/or patina painted stainless steel? I need a clear coat that will reduce/eliminate the paint from chipping, fading, flaking, wearing … off the stainless steel substrate. The items of interest are approximately 2″ x 2″. Thanks!

    • Hi David,

      If you are worried about chipping and flaking, you should be aware that those issues are mostly caused by improper preparation of the surface. Oily substances will keep the clear coat from sticking properly, so it is important that you clean the surface of every object with a degreaser solution. For small objects, it might be harder to get every part of the surface, so we might recommend a quick dip in a degreaser bath. That way, you can be sure that no spot is left uncleaned. As long as the surfaces are properly cleaned, any of the clear coats listed above should be fine.

  10. Have just bought a kitchen table with metal support. No legs – flat base carrying V shaped structure. Base has a matte finish and shod feet will inevitably scratch or mark it. How best can I protect this with a clear finish

    • Hi Peter,

      That is indeed a serious design flaw. Anyone who sits at that table will be inclined to rest their feet on the metal base, which obviously isn’t protected well enough. Thankfully, you can fix this problem easily. Just choose a low-gloss option to preserve the look of the base and apply 3-5 coats. A little buffing between layers will be a good way to make it look even better. I recommend multiple coats because this base will obviously have to deal with a lot of feet. As for a specific product, the KBS Diamond Finish would probably be a good way to go.

  11. Hi Michael,
    I’m just put in a steel deck, rather large one, and am looking for a sealer that will stop the rust from being tracked onto the carpet. Strangely, I do like the rust look. Do you have a sealer for that?

    • Hello Tim,

      Some people do indeed like the look of rusty metal for various reasons. However, it can be problematic to preserve such a finish. If you simply paint the clear coat on top of the metal, it will not adhere properly. As the rust eventually peels and flakes away, it will take big chunks of your clear coat along for the ride. Besides, you probably spent a lot of money on that big steel deck, so you need to protect your investment from corrosion.

      One of the products on my list, the POR-15 rust preventative coating, should be ideal for your problem. The product specifically says that it can be applied over the existing rust. However, you will still have to do some surface prep. The whole surface will need to be scrubbed with warm water and degreaser, as any greasy or oily spots will keep the clear coat from adhering. It would also be a good idea to sand down the rustier spots a little bit so they won’t create rough or uneven patches.

  12. Hi

    Can you recommend a product to apply to diamond cut wheels for a car?

    I have a set that have small white worming on them due to the original clear coat not being tough enough because of brake dust and small stone chips

    I can get them refurbished but the refurbishment will only last 12 months before it happens again

    • Hi Simon,

      I would highly recommend that you avoid the use of diamond-cut wheels. When you take them to the shop, all they are doing is grinding off a little bit of the metal to expose the shiny new metal underneath before adding a clear coat. Most metals form an oxide layer on contact with the air, and this is why metal is always shinier when you scratch the surface. When it comes to steel, that oxide layer can eventually become a rust layer.

      Instead of using diamond-cut wheels, I would recommend that you have those hubcaps chromed before adding a high-gloss clear coat. That’s basically the look that you are going for anyway, except it will have a lot more shine and a lot longer lifespan. As you’ve already noticed, diamond cutting would have to be repeated every 6-12 months. Not only is that too expensive, but it also removes material from your wheels. That increases the risk of catastrophic failure, which is completely unacceptable.

  13. Hey Michael, I have built a Maple round table and will be putting raw steel legs on it. Looking for recommendations on what to use to keep the steel protected and prevent it from rusting, but want to keep the raw steel look….


    • Hi Brian,

      Any of the high-quality products listed above should be sufficient for your needs, but I would make one other little recommendation. You should stick with a matte product that offers little to no gloss. Because you said that you wanted to preserve the natural look of the steel, a glossy product would be counterproductive.

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